What We Do


Residential Care
The specialized residential treatment component on campus continues to refine and develop its services to meet the new challenges of the at-risk children in our care. In 2012, 39 children were served, and 7,157 days of care were provided. Nineteen youth graduated from our treatment center, and all but three moved to less restricted settings or to loving families, our ultimate goal. For boys aged 5 to 12, we have a developmental and nurturing modality where the focus is on children achieving developmental milestones, resolving separation anxiety and trust issues, and improving social skills. For boys aged 12 to 17, we have a unique learning program, in which we focus on the continuing development of age appropriate social and life skills. The House staff utilizes a special blend of treatment, nurturance, recreation, education and advocacy to serve our emotionally impaired youth. 

Educational Support
Education is viewed as the critical secondary complement needed to prepare our youth for successful adulthood. Christ Child House provides educational liaison workers to ensure that every child's special educational needs are met. An individualized educational plan is carefully constructed for every child to ensure appropriate school placements. The spectrum of services needed ranges from regular education to intensive special education day treatment, with the children's educational challenges including emotional impairment, cognitive impairment, autism, learning disabilities and developmental delays. Education is a year-round need, and a comprehensive education/remediation program is provided on campus every summer.

Individual & Group Therapy
The boys at Christ Child House all receive intensive therapy focusing on topics such as anger management, conflict resolution, grief and loss, and sexual development. The agency’s clinical therapists, all of whom possess a Master’s of Social Work degree, conduct individual and group therapy using a variety of behavior modification methods and strategies including play therapy, music therapy, and adventure therapy.

Psychiatric Services & Specialized Nursing
Christ Child House benefits from the on-site services of both a nurse and a psychiatrist. The agency’s psychiatrist prescribes all medication and completes medication reviews weekly while the agency’s nurse oversees the medication distribution and assists with the weekly medication reviews. Both the psychiatrist and the nurse are available 24 hours for consultation. 


Success League
Christ Child House has the capacity to serve boys through their 17th year. This has necessitated adding an innovative life skills curriculum for the boys who may rernain in treatment at the House until they move to Supervised Independent Living. This specialized curriculum, known as the “Success League” provides "survival skills" for our older boys on everyday issues such as time management, anger management, cooking, hygiene, sexuality, interview skills, job hunting, and college preparation.

College Campus Tours
Our college tours program exposes our boys to campus life and the generic expectations for a college-bound student. The older youth experience college tours at Michigan State University, Oakland University and Western Michigan University. Ideally, our college tours program will help to motivate and inspire our young men to attend college and ultimately reach their full potential.

Recreational Programming
Christ Child House offers extensive recreational opportunities that range from on-site activities such as softball, biking, basketball and kickball, to organized off-site activities through our Cultural & Educational Outings (CEO) program. The boys enjoy special outings including trips to the Hands-on-Museum, Cranbrook Planetarium, Detroit Science Center and the Morley Chocolate Factory. We are frequent visitors to Greenfield Village, the Detroit Zoo, and the Charles H. Wright African American Museum. Additionally, thanks to many supporters in the community, our boys have attended Detroit Lions, Pistons and Tigers games.

Summer Camp
Each summer our boys enjoy a fun-filled summer camp experience. The annual trip consists of four days and three nights at a campsite a few hours from the House. Here the boys are given the opportunity to swim and fish, and to learn new skills, like pitching a tent, building a fire and cooking food. These experiences create a sense of community and teamwork, and help them learn how to overcome obstacles. The boys love this trip since most of them have never gone camping, and many have never had a vacation or left the Detroit area. Summer camp is the most loved program at the House. It is truly an experience that these disadvantaged children remember, learn from, and cherish.


Christ Child House Develops New Innovative Program

We are excited to share the news that our professional staff has recently conceptualized an innovative program providing “Intensive Residential Respite Services” to prevent the permanent disruption of adoptions or foster care placements of at risk youth.

This new (IRRS) program was recently approved by the central office of the Department of Human Services in Lansing and by State Licensing departments.

The program will offer a comprehensive array of services on a short term basis (90-120days) for children struggling in their new homes and at serious risk of dissolving the placement. This short term residential program at Christ Child House will provide the necessary services for the child and his family to expedite his return home as quickly as clinically possible and with aftercare follow-up to ensure a successful reintegration.

To accommodate this exciting new concept on our two acre campus, we have converted and pledged six beds for this program and created a second license with the State of Michigan. We are now licensed for 25 regular residential beds and 6 intensive residential respite beds. We look forward to helping more families in need and rescuing these adoptive placements in trouble.